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  During the warranty period, if there is a failure during the use of the machine tool, a reply will be given within 8 hours after receiving the user's notice, and it will be rushed to the site for free maintenance within 48 hours (under normal use); Reply within 24 hours, rush to the site for repairs or replacement parts within 48 hours, and charge for repairs and replacement parts at a preferential price.


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  Dear user units:

  First of all, thank you for purchasing the machine tool made by Hubei Sanhuan Forging Equipment Co., Ltd. In order to ensure that the yellow forging machine works safely, normally, steadily and efficiently in your company, so that your company can buy at ease and use it satisfactorily, our after-sales technical service department will provide the following services to your company wholeheartedly

  1. Provide telephone, fax, E-mail technical support and on-site services during the use, maintenance and maintenance of the machine tool.

  2. The user training center provides training and retraining for operation, maintenance and maintenance for your company at any time. Every year two regular training courses are welcome to send your company to participate. (Will be notified in writing at that time)

  3. Provide machine tool accessories, blades, molds and reprocessing services.

  4. Provide maintenance and relocation services for machine tools.

  5. Provide minor repair, intermediate repair and overhaul services for machine tools.

  6. Provide machine tool transformation and replacement of CNC system services.

  If your company has any requirements, please tell our after-sales technical service department. We always think that what your company needs is exactly what we should do. We believe that through our joint efforts, yellow forging machine tools will certainly create more benefits for your company during the development and prosperity of your company.

                          Specially informing

                   Hubei Sanhuan Forging Equipment Co., Ltd.


Contact Information of After Sales Technical Service Department
No.149 West Hangzhou Road, Tuanchengshan Development Zone, Huangshi City, Hubei Province
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