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Hubei Tri-Ring Metalforming Equipment Import& Export Co., Ltd.
Address: No.158 Jinshan Avenue, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Huangshi, Hubei Province, China
Postal code:435000
Tel: 0086-714-6355458
Fax: 0086-714-6355972

Title Name Tel Email
General Manager Chang Dingjun  86-714-6355458
Deputy General Manager Lu Chaoqun   86-714-6355458
Senior Sales Manager Zhang Qingfeng 86-714-6355458
Senior Sales Manager Ma Xingyu 86-714-6355458
Sales Manager Wang Yangzhen 86-714-6355458
After-sales service Chen Guomin 86-714-6355458
After-sales service Chen Siqi 86-714-6355458

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